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1972 proof set: 25th Anniversary of Independence

In 1972, Republic of India issued a new proof set marking the 25th anniversary of Republic of India. The proof set consists of 9 coins. It contains the 1972 1 rupee coin which is considered rare. As a result, almost 70% of the set value is due to the 1 rupee coin.

This proof set was minted in Bombay mint. If you wish to purchase this set, please contact us through the website.

1971 proof set FAO issue

The 1971 FAQ issue proof set of Republic of India is one of the rare sets of modern India. The set has a significant value because of the rare 1 Rupee 1971 coin which alone costs about 60-70% of the entire set value.

Food and Agriculture Organization issue 1971 proof set

The set consists of 9 coins and was minted by Bombay Mint. If you wish to purchase this set please get in touch with us with your offer.

1964 Jawaharlal Nehru Proof Set

Jawaharlal Nehru 1964 Proof Set

This two coin set was released by Bombay Mint in both Proof and Unc sets. It consists of 1 Rupee and 50 paise coins. The mint mark below the year is a diamond. The set was released in a black rexin box. The UNC set was released in a card board pack.

Jawaharlal Nehru 1 coin proof set 1964

This one coin VVIP set was released by Bombay mint. It consists of a 50 paise coin.

If you wish to purchase the 1964 Jawaharlal Nehru Proof sets, please contact us via the contact link with your offer price. Please note: We may not respond to offers without price or to offers with a very low offer price.