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1979 Proof Set – Happy Child Nation’s Pride – Bombay Mint

The Bombay Mint issued a 10 coin proof set for 1979 with the theme of Happy Child-Nation’s Pride. The booking price of the proof set was Rs 300/- and in all 3250 such sets were sold. The 10 coins in the 1979 proof set are as follows: 50 Rupees (35g), 10 Rupees (25g), 1 Rupee (8g), 50 Paise (5g), 25 Paise (2.5g), 10 Paise (2.3g), 5 Paise (1.5g), 3 Paise (1.25g), 2 Paise (1g), 1 Paisa (0.75g).

The profit derived from sales of such proof sets were donated to National Children’s Fund.

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1978 Proof Set – Food & Shelter for All – Bombay Mint

The 1978 Proof set was issued by the Bombay mint on August 15th 1978. The booking for the set was started from September 15th to October 15th 1978. The booking price for the 10 coin set was Rs 300/-. In all 1390 such sets were sold by the Mumbai Mint.

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