1981 Proof Set – International Year of Child – Bombay Mint

The 1981 International Year of the Child proof set was issued by Bombay mint with booking period ranging from February 13th to March 10th, 1984. A Piefort coin set was also issued by the mint. Both sets were single coin and were provided in an acrylic case.

1981 proof set International year of child
1981 Piefort proof set International year of Child

The 100 Rupees coin weights 29.16g in proof set and 58.32g in Piefort proof set. Fake replicas of this set exist in the market, especially from China.

  1. i want to get this coin. from where can i get this??

  2. I would appreciate if you can enlighten us how to tell the fake from the real Piefort coins.


  3. Shyam Aggarwal

    1981 International Year of Child –
    Proof Set and Piedfort Coin

    Is anyone offering these coins and if tes, price and proof of genuine coin.


  4. i want to get this coin. from where can i get this??
    and what is it’s cost,and what is it prossesure.

  5. i want to get this coin. from where can i get this??

  6. plz let me know the price of 1981 proof set of 2 coins

  7. I do have the India Piedfort coin Year of the child.

    Will give it to NGC GRading soon, because I am very sure,
    that it is in perfect condition.

    Came from an original collection of all Year of the Child Piedfort coins in the original Cartier box.

  8. sir have a good day
    sir i want sum of coin ,please send detail about procider ant price


    5 RUPEE
    5 rupee -1996 2 and INTER NATION crop science congress
    5 rupee -2007 150 th Birth Day Anniversary of Lokmanya Bal Ganga Dhar Tilak Ji (Bombay mint)
    5 rupee -2007 +, STEEL
    5 rupee – DANDI MARCH. (Copper Nickel)
    5 rupee-2007 150 YEARS OF FIRST WAR OF INDEPNDENCE, (Copper Nickel)

    2 RUPEE
    2 rupee 1996 Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose
    2 rupee 2002 Sant Tukaram , (Kolkata mint)
    2 rupee 1998 PC DAS-Copper nickel ( H OR *)
    2 rupee 1996 Land vital

    1 RUPEE
    1 rupee 1982 (copper nickel) 6 grams,( Bombay mint)

    50 PAISA
    50 paisa 1957
    50 paisa 1959
    50 paisa 1986 (Copper-Nickel) (Bombay mint)
    50 paisa 1988 (Copper-Nickel) (Noida mint)
    50 paisa 1982 National Integration (Calcutta mint)
    50 paisa 1983 (Copper-Nickel) (Noida mint)

    25 PAISA
    25 paisa 1980 (Copper Nickel) (Bombay mint)
    25 paisa 1989 (Copper Nickel) (Hydra bad mint)
    25 paisa 1993 STEEL (Hydra bad mint)
    25 paisa 1994(Bombay mint)

    10 PAIS
    10 paise 1977, Allumunium 2.30 grams (Calcutta mint)

    5 PAISA
    1984 5 paise Allumunium 1.5 grams (Calcutta mint)

    1 PAISA
    1953 one paisa definitive coins( Hydra bad mint)


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