1980 Proof Set – Rural Women’s Advancement – Bombay Mint

The Bombay Mint issued the 1980 Proof set with the theme of Rural Women’s Advancement on January 1, 1981. The booking for the proof set started from February 16th 1981 to March 14th, 1981. The booking price for the 4 coin set was set at Rs 300/- and in all 2571 such sets were sold. Two other proof sets of 2 coins and a single coin of Rupees 100 were also issued with the booking price of Rs 250/- and Rs 200 respectively.

1980 Proof SetThe coins in the 1980 proof set include 100 Rupees (35g), 10 Rupees (25g), 25 Paise (2.5g) and 10 Paise (2.3g).

If you wish to buy the 1980 Rural Women’s Advancement proof set, please contact us through this website.

  1. Shyam Aggarwal

    Please quote price and proof of genuinness.

  2. Raghavendra Bhakta

    Hi , I am interested in the 1980 proof set , can I know the price

  3. s.abdul kaffar

    iwant that.pls contact me.

  4. Hello,
    Do you also have the 2 coin proof set ? What is the cost of this set and the two coin set pls.
    I am interested in the other sets also. Pls let me know if I want to buy one set each from 1975-2000, what will be the cost pls ?

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