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1981 Proof Set – International Year of Child – Bombay Mint

The 1981 International Year of the Child proof set was issued by Bombay mint with booking period ranging from February 13th to March 10th, 1984. A Piefort coin set was also issued by the mint. Both sets were single coin and were provided in an acrylic case.

1981 proof set International year of child
1981 Piefort proof set International year of Child

The 100 Rupees coin weights 29.16g in proof set and 58.32g in Piefort proof set. Fake replicas of this set exist in the market, especially from China.

1981 Proof Set – World Food Day – Bombay Mint

The Bombay Mint issued the 1981 proof set with the theme of World Food Day on October 16, 1981. The proof set consists of 4 coins: 100 Rupees (35g), 10 Rupees (25g), 25 Paise (2.5g) and 10 Paise (2.3g). The set was released in an acrylic case with the mint emblem and a brown card board inside. The booking price of the proof set was Rs 300/- and 1728 such sets were sold by the Mint.

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