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1970 1 rupee republic of India coin

1 rupee coin of 1970 is one of the rare coins of republic of India. Very few coins were released in circulation and hence this particular 1 rupee coin fetches high 4 figure price in the market. There are many fakes available for few hundred rupees and generally the novice coin enthusiasts fall for such fakes.

The proof coin is also rare in nature and is available as a part of Proof set of 1970. The coin is generally available separately from the set as well but one needs to be very careful in buying such coins. The coin weighs 10 gms and is made of Nickel with a diameter of 28mm.

1 rupee proof coin 1970

1970 proof set : FAO 25th Anniversary

The 1970 Reuplic of India Proof set celebrating 25th anniversary of Food and Agriculture Organization (F.A.O) is one of the valuable sets of modern India. The high value of the set is particularly because of the 1 Rupee 1970 proof coin in the set. This coin alone costs about 60-70% of the entire set value.

1970 Proof set for 25th anniversary of Food & Agriculture organization

The set consists of 9 coins and was issued by the Bombay Mint. The price for this set is available on request. Only serious inquiries.