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5 rupees 2007 Bal gangadhar tilakji error coin

In 2007, the RBI issued a 5 rupees commemorative coin honoring Bal Gangadhar Tilak. However, the lettering on the coin in Hindi mentioned Tilak as Tilakji. Bal Gangadhar Tilak is never referred to as Tilakji. Adding Ji at the end of the name is an Indian practice to show respect to the person (eg Gandhiji). At the inauguration of the coin at Delhi, the error was immediately brought to the notice of the authorities. Except for the low number of coins circulated on that day, no other such coins were circulated. Hence this coin became an error as well as rare coin of Republic of India.

5 rupees tilakji error coin 2007

Some unconfirmed reports mentioned that the error was brought to the notice of the authorities by Raj Thackeray. Fearing tension, the withdrawal decision was taken.

The steel coin is even rarer.

5 rupees tilakji steel coin

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