1975 Proof Set – Equality, Development, Peace – Bombay Mint

The Bombay mint issued the 1975 proof set with the theme of Equality, Development and Peace. The proof set consists of 10 coins and were issued on August 15, 1975. The booking period was August 16 to September 30, 1975. There were 2370 such sets sold through the mint and the booking price was set at Rs 210/-.

The 1975 proof set consists of following 10 coins: 50 Rupees (35g), 10 Rupees (25g), Rupee (10g), 50 Paise (5g), 25 Paise (2.5g), 10 Paise (2.3g), 5 Paise (1.5g), 3 Paise (1.25g), 2 Paise (1.0g), 1 Paisa (0.75g).

1975 Proof SetOn July 25th, 1975 the Government of India passed a bill in Lok Sabha for minting coins upto denominations of Rs 1000. Under the Indian Coinage Act, there was a restriction for minting of coins of denomination higher than Rs 100.

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  1. jeetendra bhandari

    am interested in the 1964 unc set of nehru
    am also keen on buying some good proof sets
    could you please send me your contact details

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    Please quote price and proof of genuineness

  3. intrested in buying …let me know the price

  4. Would like to buy 1975 proof set. Could u plz tell me da price.

  5. Do you a 1975 2 coin proof set? If yes, what price.


    Intrested in buying proof set only. Let me know the price at the earliest.


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