1974 Proof Set – Planned Families – Food for All – Bombay Mint

Bombay mint issued 1974 proof set consisting of 10 coins on August 15, 1974. In all 9138 sets were sold between August 16, 1974 to 30th September 1974. The booking price for the set was Rs 210/-. The coins in this set have a “B” mint mark under the year.

The coins in the set include 50 Rupees (35g), 10 Rupees (25g), Rupee (10g), 50 Paise (5g), 25 Paise (2.5g), 10 Paise (2.3g), 5 Paise (1.5g), 3 Paise (1.25g), 2 Paise (1.0g), 1 Paisa (0.75g).

1974 proof set 10 coins

If you wish to purchase this set, contact us through the website.

  1. hi,
    i wish to buy this set, pls confirm on how to go about it?

  2. Hi,
    What is the price for this set.

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