Commemorative coin sets for sale over the counter

India Government Mint located at Mumbai (commonly known as Mumbai Mint) is selling Commemorative coin sets over the counter from January 02, 2012 at their newly inaugurated counter. The counter will be open on all working days between 10AM and 12PM.

Payment can be made either by a Demand Draft or credit/debit cards. Each person is allowed to purchase one set per variety of any theme. It is not known which sets are available for purchase through the counter. However it is highly unlikely that these will include old sets. Most probably only the recently minted coin sets may be available for sale. If anyone visits Mumbai mint for purchasing these coin sets over the counter, please do send us your feedback.

Attached below is the advertisement that appeared in Times of India.

Ad by Mumbai mint for coin sets sale over the counter

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  1. Hi – i see some of the people are selling such coin sets (not this one) at lesser price then what the Mumbai mint is selling on eBay. Is that only popular events or personalities commemorative coins have more value then the advertised price?

    Is it worth buying the coins featured in the ad. above? i am new to this field and want to start collecting.

    Your help is appreciated.

    • Hi Nilesh,

      It is difficult to know which sets are being sold over the counter by Mumbai Mint. However, it is possible that people may sell your coin sets at cheaper rate than what the Mint is selling at. This is primarily because those sets were purchased at a cheaper price in earlier bookings done with the Mint.

      For example, Gur-ta-gaddi 10 RS UNC set was first sold by Hyderabad mint for Rs 150/- per set. However now, they are selling for Rs 350/- per set. Hence there may be dealers who will give you the set for Rs 300-350/-.

      It is difficult to know the worth of these coins in future because these days Mints have become commercial minded and are restriking the old coin sets. This delays the appreciation of value of these sets. I would recommend that you study more about the sets, talk to a lot more people, buy a few books on republic of India coins before starting to invest in this.

      So long as you take it as a hobby there is nothing to worry.

  2. hi
    i want to know that which coin set are available for sale in counter and is possible to book the set Online??

  3. Does any one know which are the sets that are up for sale at the Mumbai Mint?

  4. Hi Mint,
    I want coins of Rs 20 & Rs 75……..
    help me in finding these coins Pleaseeeee….
    Thank You,

  5. Hi Mint – where can a collector get a list which states the original price the UNC / Proof sets were sold at versus the prices today?


  6. 😀 😀
    I had good experience at this counter.
    efforts r being made to distribute coins to all restricting sets to individuals. good initiative.
    needs more time window opening.

  7. Manash Ranjan Rautroy

    I want to buy the 1970 one rupee coin can u inform me whether it is available in mumbai mint counter or it is booking

    • I don’t think 1970 set is available at the counter. You should contact coin dealers in your city for the set.

  8. pl give detail of this all coin cost

  9. Hi, The price at which these coins are being sold at the mint counter is not given on site. How do you prepare a draft without knowing the price. Can any one help. Has any one purchased coins from this counter. Please share

  10. The one rupee UNC costs Rs 6000 and the proof coin of 1970 costs 11K

  11. Rs.1000/- denomination Coins On Brihadeeswarar Temple were issued by RBI in 2012,many of Coin Collectors failed to book these on time for lack of information.
    Now RBI is selling hese Coin Sets only across the Counter from Mumbai Mint,do they want me to go all he way to Mumbai to Purchase those coin sets & that too I am not sure whether these are available once I reach Mumbai?
    Why don’t they book these Against D/D for collectors like us?

  12. Mints across India I.e.Mumbai,Kolkata,Hyderabad all Re- Book Coins sets once it’s booking date passes,Ofcourse at a Premium.
    It helps collectors,as they do not miss out and continue with their Hobbies.

    I once again request the R B I people to open Booking for Rs. 1000/- & Rs. 5/- coin sets on Brihadeeswarar Temple . :mrgreen:

  13. Wic r d coins available at mumbai mint counter??




  15. I want to buy in online how to register myself please help

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