Republic of india 1950 Proof set

Republic of India 1950 proof set

This set consists of 7 coins. The set was minted in 1950 by the Bombay Mint. If you wish to purchase this set, please contact us using the “Contact Us” link on the top menu of the website.

  1. Hi, Please let me know how much are you asking for the 1950 set? Thank you.

  2. What is the rate you quote for the 1950 republic of india proof set

  3. pratiksha goswami

    ya i want to buy the set of 1950..plz tell me the procdure to buy it n the cost too..thank u

  4. I have bought a 1950 PROOF SET few weeks ago from ebay ( $1996+ Shipping). Hard to find thses sets under $ 3500.I am buying every coin i can from 1950. HAVE FUN AND COLLECT!

  5. i have many coins of old series…

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